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 Company Reports 
J3 Services Group LLC, (J3SG) is a privately held Financial Information Provider. We collect financial data in order to sell customized information to companies or to post freely on the Internet..

What is our site about? Our site is designed to give the every day person, accurate and timely information regarding insider activity for over 10,000 companies. If the CEO of a company buys $10,000,000 worth of his own company, he must really like the direction they are going in and believes he will make money. Nobody knows the company and the company's direction better than an insider does. We track every insider and paint you a picture. Transactions are updated every 2-3 minutes, and we implement multiple quality control checks to assure that each picture is full and accurate.
"Directors, Executive officers and beneficial owners of more than 10% otherwise known as "Insiders" of a registered class of securities of an issuer are required by law to file their transactions within two business days of the execution of a transaction."   *

Who is our site for? Our site is for you, the every day investor. For the individual who can not afford the access to ownership intelligence professionals get. We provide you with the same data rich content and in-depth analysis that professionals pay thousands for. For professional sites, we also provide data through core dumps and nightly feeds for those companies who wish to enrich their applications, websites and data products in order to better inform their end users.

Why should you look at our site in addition to or instead of our competitors? Accuracy; As we pull data from the SEC, we have programs which scrutinize the data looking for inaccuracies or anomalies before the data is posted. Throughout the duration of the day, we institute additional quality checks imposed by our analysts. Timely; Some sites update once a week, every 48 hours, every 24 hours and real-time. We update in real-time with a 3-5 minute delay so that we can process the filings as they come in. Cost; Charges for these kinds of services range from $20 - $300 dollars per month. We are free for all nonprofessional users. In the future, we may need to charge in order to limit user activity or to pay for additional servers due to heavy traffic.